Where is Spaichingen?

You will find our hotel on the city border of Spaichingen in a very peaceful atmosphere. But it is still only a ten-minute walk to the town centre. As you can see, Spaichingen is nearby Rottweil where the rough heights of the Schwäbische Alb meet the hills of Baar and Hegau

The modern town of Spaichingen has at least 13,000 inhabitants and has become an independent centre of the region with its light industry, its medium-sized business and its 30 clubs and unions. The combination of a beautiful landscape and a healthy, clear and fog-free will make Spaichingen more and more popular for holiday-makers.

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The town of Spaichingen looks back on an emotional past. The town was presumably founded between the second and the fourth century by a leader of the Allemannen named Spahicho. In 791 Spaichingen was first named in a document of gift for the convent of St. Gallen. Spaichingen, possession of the Earl of Hohenberg, was occupied by Austria in the Middle Ages and between 1688 and 1805 it was nominated for Austrian administration. In view of the conquest of Napoleon Spaichingen returned from Austria to Württemberg in 1805, it gained the status of a town in 1828, and between 1807 and 1938 Spaichingen was the location of the ministry of administration in Württemberg.