Occassions for spending time in and around Spaichingen

The intact enviroment is perfect for wonderful walks and hikes, and if you don´t want to travel around for sightseeing you may relax in the sun in our garden. Because of the favourable climate the sun shines on more days of the year than elsewhere. E.g. the nearby mountain of Klippeneck always has the most days of sunshine per year in Germany. And for more occasions when the sun does not shine, you can relax in our comfortable lounges. For walkers, the area on both sides of the charming Primtal where the rough heights of the Schwäbische Alb meet the hills of Baar and Hegau offers the possibility for relaxed activities. The wide network of signposted walking paths leads you through the beauty of this divers landscape. On clear days, you can enjoy the fascination of the Alps panorama on the top of the near mountain Dreifaltigkeitsberg, or you may find inner harmony in the well-known pilgrimage church. Klippeneck mountain offers one of the most beautiful gliding airports in Germany. The heathland around Kraftstein mountain is ideal for extended walks, Ruins of castles from the Middle Ages are waiting to be discovered. Kolbingen cave will take you far back into forgotten history. You can rest at one of the numerous barbecues for grilling sausages or you can step in one of the original swabian Inns in the surrounding towns.

If you prefer sports activities, test yourself on the nearby training path in the forest, in the swimming pool or on the tennis court. Go long-distance skiing around the wide network of ski runs.

Especially for day trips our hotel is a perfect starting point for excursions: the black forest and the Lake of Constance can be reached by car within half an hour, and the wonderful valley of the Danube can be found nearby.

Freilichtmuseum Neuhausen
Gewann Buchhalde. Ödenreute
78579 Neuhausen ob Eck
Tel.: 07467/13 91

Römisches Freilichtmuseum
D-72379 Hechingen-Stein
Sommer-Tel.: 07471/64 00
Winter-Tel.: 07471/36 14

Oldtimermuseum Steim
Göttelbachstr. 49
78713 Schramberg
Tel.: 07422 9790901

Deutsches Harmonika Museum Trossingen
Löwenstraße 11
D-78647 Trossingen
Tel.: 07425/21623

Atomkeller Haigerloch
Erster deutscher Atomreaktor
(Der Atomkeller befindet sich unterhalb der Schloßkirche)
Tel.: 07474/69727

Urgeschichtliches Museum Blaubeuren
Karlstr. 21
89143 Blaubeuren
Tel.: 07344/9286-0

Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen
Strandpromenade 6
88690 Unteruhldingen
Tel.: 07556/8543

Benediktinerkloster Beuron
Abteistraße 2
D-88631 Beuron
Tel.: 07466 / 17-0

Oldtimermuseum Messkirch

Burg Hohenzollern in Hechingen

Dreifaltigkeitsberg Claretinerkloster
Tel.: 07424/95835-0

Schloss Fürstenberg in Donaueschingen
Fürstlich Fürstenbergisches Schloß
78166 Donaueschingen

Schloss Hohenzollern in Sigmaringen
Karl-Anton-Platz 2
72488 Sigmaringen
Tel.: 07571 / 729 - 192

Impressionen der Schwäbischen Alb

Restaurants, Ausflugziele, Veranstaltungen, Aktuelles aus der Region

Schwäbische Albhöhlen

Albaquarium Albstadt
Grüngrabenstrasse 20
72458 Albstadt
Tel.: 07431/4930

Freizeitpark auf der Bärenhöhle
Gewann 3
72820 Sonnenbühl
Tel.: 07128/2158

Naturpark Obere Donau

Wildgehege Meßstetten
Ludwig-Uhland-Straße 25
72469 Meßstetten
Tel.: 07431/6764



Kristallwelt Dietingen

Water parks and indoor adventure pools

Tuttlinger Wasserwelt, Freizeit-und Thermalbad

Sole- und Freizeitbad Rottweil

Freizeit- und Wellenbad Albstadt

Freibad Spaichingen


Regionale Veranstaltungen / Konzerte

Oldtimerland Bodensee

Alles rund um Spaichingen

Citroen-Club Tuttlingen/Rottweil

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